Common Terms and Definitions

Autonom - An individual who chooses to live outside of Hyperion City in the wastelands. Although you are "off the grid" of Hyperion and free of the Daily Leisure Credit system (See DLC) you are left to your own devices to survive in the extreme conditions; no stores or modern conviniences, no law enforcement, no emergency or medical services, nothing.

Camo Swatch - A feature available for Synth parts (See Synth) that allows for colors, patterns and images to be displayed upon the surface of the Synth 'skin'.

Credits - The currency of this setting.

DLC - Short for Daily Leisure Credit; The monetary system residents of Hyperion City must use in order to engage in interactions with one another. One buy's Daily Leisure Credit using Credits (see Cedit) and the are given a set amount of DLC to spend for interactions, vocal, physical or otherwise.

P-Comm - Short for Personal Communication Manager; a small all-in-one device that acts as a phone, day planner, and manages your Daily Leisure Credit (See DLC).

SBPR - Synth Body Part Replcement; the process of having a body part replaced or upgraded with a Synth part (See Synth). Full SBPR means one's entire body has undergone the process. While this is sometime done for cosmetic purposes, it is most commonly done to combat terminal illnesses or other severe disabilities.

Strikeball - A popular sport in Hyperion city, played with 2 or 4 players.

Synth - Short for Synthetic, a term used for artificial limbs or other body part replacements. Synth parts are made of Biocompatible Polydimethylsiloxane alloy; a silicone-like material that acts as an accurate replication of skin, muscle and bone. Synth parts replicate the functions of natural skin muscle and bone in that they have sensation feedback, generate warmth, and are moderately soft and natural feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q- How long does it take to make a page of Buying Time?
A - Generally 1.5 to 2 weeks depending on length and content.


Q - Will you help me with my project or take commissions?
A - Buying Time is created in my free time outside of a fulltime job, which means at this time I cannot commit to any large projects or take commissions that would take longer than a day or two to complete. For further details you can Email me (listed in the ABOUT tab) however chances are I will be too busy.


Q - What is the rating for this comic?
A - It is rated R for language, nudity and adult themes.


Q - Can I link to Buying time? Can I mention Buying Time on my blog? Can I refer to Buying Time on any social media?
A - Yes, and please let me know if you would like a link to your webcomic or blog.
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