Vinnie Smalls

Age: 29

A quiet, self-conscious loner. Vinnie works as a welder at the Hyperion City Core. He had adopted a shut-in lifestyle due to the increasing regulations and restrictions of Daily Leisure Credit. Living in a tiny apartment in the lowermost levels of Hyperion City, Vinnie spends his free time enjoying and creating music.


Galvin Cross

Age: 33

Galvin is a good-humoured mechanic who works at HCC in the same shift as Vinnie. Frequent promotions and raises in salary because of his outstanding work at HCC have earned Galvin a nice apartment in the upper levels of Hyperion City. Although the bulk of his income (and free time) goes to helping his sister run a struggling Garage and Repair shop, a costly endevour. 



Galena Jules

Age: 27

As a childhood friend of Vinnie's, Galena has always supported her often lonesome and gloomy friend with words of wisdom and encouragement. Galena has always been a social butterfly, her active and outgoing lifestyle is what lead her to own and operate Hot  Legs, the most popular nightclub and bar in the lower levels of Sector H. 




Leon "Fridge" McNichol

Age: 31

In Hyperion City people get Synthetic Body Part Replacement (SBPR) done for 2 reasons; vanity (have the body you've always wanted, or upgrade a certain body part to have some slick new features) or necessity (replace seriously injured, or diseased body parts). Fridge fits into the latter category. When faced with a life threatening terminal illness Fridge underwent 100% SBPR to save his life. Fridge is Vinnie's old college roommate, he runs a struggling Pawn Shop on Level 34 and works evenings as a bouncer at Galena's bar Hot Legs to make ends meet. He encourages Vinnie to follow his passion for music and often tries to push used music equipment from his shop on him.


Papa Obari

Age: 45

Don't let his penchant for high fasion fool you; Papa Obari was once a resident of the sub-levels of Hyperion City, a lawless ghetto wrought with crime and gang violence. It wasn't until becoming an 'adoptive father' of sorts to a teenaged Galena that Obari decided to make an effort to improve the conditions of his lifestyle. He now assists Galena in managing Hot Legs. He may not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, but always means well, and treats Galena and Vinnie like his own children.


Mackie Cross

Age: 26

Galvin's younger sister Mackie runs Cross Auto, the family business. She struggles to keep the shop running by herself and often seeks help from Galvin who is much more skilled when it comes to mechanics. She has alot of pride and finds it difficult to express grattitude, her drive to manage a successful business often makes her come off as pushy or ungrateful.


Gogol Gabimaru 

Age: 35

The heavy-set Guardsman on Galvin's Strikeball team. Gogol is an avid devotte to the new-age religion Collectivism; the belief that all beings are made of an energy that is never created nor destroyed, only recycled in a cosmic, karmic wheel. With a deeply rooted belief in karma, Gogol makes a constant effort to be kind and helpful, he often takes it upon himself to be a guru of sorts to his circle of friends, and a mediator to the Strikeball team.


Shunsuke Sengou

Age: 37

Abrasive, vain, and competitive. Shunsuke plays the Forward position on Galvin's Strikeball team. His synth upgrades (which he got during his College years as a young Strikeball rookie) are for performance purposes only. He plays Strikeball professionally on the Hyperion Royals and has becomes extremely wealthy from his success as their star Forward.


Benten Merill

Age: 28

Benten underwent full SBPR after a motorcycle crash left him paralyzed. Though his passion for classic motorcycles remained, and is what led him to meet Galvin, who shares a similar interest. Galvin introduced him to the game of Strikeball where he plays Secondary Guardsman. Benten works at a SBPR Rehabilitation Center where he earns a comfortable living.


Big Gold

Age: 38

Big Gold is an eccentric music producer who spots Vinnie and Fridge's songs on the digital music sharing website Fast Track. He experienced a great deal of success in his early years as a musician, which made him filthy rich and allowed him to build his musical empire Big Gold Productions


Sybel Ferris

Age: 26

Big Gold's assistant. She doesn't talk much.